Topic: Pollution Control Officer Accreditation

Legal basis: DENR AO 2014-02

3 Key pointers:

  1. A full time PCO is a requirement of a project operation. The qualification shall be considered.
  2. A PCO will be accredited based on Category either Category A or B.
  3. PCO Accreditation will be filed at DENR EMB regional office and submitting pertinent documents such as 40-hr PCO training certificate and 8-hr MH seminar, TOR, Designation Letter and Joint Affidavit of Undertaking.

Remember ABC:

A– Attend Basic PCO training and MH seminar at an accredited training institution (e.g. PCAPI4A)

B– Basic PCO training certificate is valid for 3 years

C– Compile application documents and submit at EMB regional office

Topic: Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)

Legal basis: PD 1586 and its IRR

Every aspect has its own environmental impact, positive or negative During construction, operation and abandonment of the Project. The ECC is a planning tool for decision making towards land, water, air and people protection and enhancement.

3 Key pointers:

  1. A project covered by PEIS System are mandated to secure an ECC at EMB regional office.

ECC Online Application System for Non-Environmentally Critical Projects (NECPs) located within Environmentally Critical Areas (ECAs) and within threshold that requires an IEE Checklist.

  1. ECC is a document issued by EMB regional office after the Proponent satisfies all requirements and the prescribed report containing information of likely impacts and corresponding mitigation and control measures.
  2. Conditions and commitment are indicated in the document for continual compliance of proponent on environmental laws such as RA 9275, RA 8749, RA 6969 and RA 9003.

Remember ABC:

A– Apply ECC at EMB regional office if covered by PEISS

B– Basic requirement is an IEE chedklist for new, EPRMP for existing

C– check threshold limit from DENR AO 2003-30

Topic: Hazardous Waste Generators Registration Certificate (DENR ID

Legal Basis: RA 6969 and its IRR

Did you know that Busted Lamps, Paint Containers, Aerosol Spray Cans, Waste Electrical Equipment, Engine Oil, Chemicals, Septic tank sludge are considered hazardous materials? If you are using and/or storing the above items, you are to secure Hazardous Waste Generators Registration Certificate for its Transport, Treatment and Disposal.

3 Key Pointers:

  1. Waste generators are required to register online and pay the registration fee to Landbank of the Philippines.

  1. Upload supporting documents such as ECC/CNC, Discharge Permit, Permit to Operate (When APSI is present), Material Balance, Waste Management Plan, PCO accreditation (or PCO accreditation application)
  2. The DENR ID has no expiration. Waste Generator shall coordinate with DENR-accredited Transport / TSD provider for transport, treatment and disposal of wastes.

Remember ABC:

A– Apply online for HazWaste Generator Registration Certificate (DENR ID).

B – Begin uploading supporting documents for its issuance.

C– Coordinate with DENR-accredited Transport / TSD provider only

Topic: Permit To Operate (PTO)

Legal Basis: RA 8749 and its IRR

Do you have a Generator Set /Boiler/ Biogas Digester or any equipment/assembly with air emissions? You shall apply for Its Permit to Operate.

3 Key Pointers:

  1. PTO shall be applied personally at DENR EMB Regional Office using prescribed application form.
  2. Attach major pertinent supporting documents such as drawing plans of facility /machinery layout and engineers report signed and sealed by Professional Engineer.
  3. Two (2) kinds of PTO: Temporary PTO with validity of 3 months; Regular PTO with validity of 1 year (which can be extended up to 5 years based on capacity). Both shall be renewed 30 days before its expiration date.

Remember ABC:

A – Apply PTO for your sources of air emissions (except vehicle) at EMB regional office

B– Begin preparing the supporting documents for application.

C– Check the validity after issuance.

Topic: Wastewater Discharge Permit (WDP)

Legal Basis: RA 9275 and its IRR (DENR AO 2005-10)

3 Key Pointers:

  1. The Discharge Permit shall be secured to DENR EMB Regional Office for the wastewater or effluent generated and/or discharge.
  2. The WDP application is now online. An account shall be created where all pertinent documents will be uploaded for screening or evaluation such as Drawing Plans of Treatment Facility duly signed and sealed and its engineers report by a Sanitary Engineer

  1. The Permit is valid for one year and shall be applied for renewal 30 days before its expiration date.

Remember ABC:

A – Apply WDP for your effluent.

B – Begin creating account online.

C – Check its validity

Topic: Impact Management Plan

Legal basis: DENR AO 2003-30

What components of environment have been considered affected by a Project at different Phases?

Key Pointers:

  1. The LAND

Waste generation, hazardous waste

  1. The WATER

Domestic/industrial wastewater

  1. The AIR

Emissions from equipment and vehicle

  1. The PEOPLE

Unsafe conditions for workers, displacement of settlers and employees especially during abandonment of project

An IMPACT MGT PLAN shall be developed to formulate control and mitigating measures.

Remember ABC:

A– adopt an IMP

B– Build positive impact

C– check Alert Action Limit of control measures

Topic: Wastewater treatment

Legal basis: RA 9275 and its IRR

Do you wonder where the sewage goes upon flushing your toilet?

Answer: Usually in a vault/tank and receptor (canal) towards receiving water bodies (groundwater, surface)

Key pointers:

  1. Sewage is water carrying waste that can affect quality of water bodies.
  2. Use of contaminated water such as drinking and cooking will have health effects
  3. Treatment of liquid wastewater in multi-chambered septic tank or in Sewage processing plant whose type may be SBR, MBBR, MBR, Natural system with chlorination. This improves quality and reduce potential risk.

The solid (sludge) shall be subject to siphoning facilitated by DOH recognized provider (e.g. Earthclean)

Remember ABC

A-Avoid too much use of water to reduce wastewater generation.

B– Build simple treatment facility

C-Conduct siphoning and Check effluent quality.

Topic: Requirements for Discharge Permit 

Legal Basis: R.A. 9275 and its IRR

Mnemonic Device: LOVE WHEN READY

L-ayout of Wastewater Line

O-fficial Receipt for Application Fee

V-icinity Map



W-ater Bills

H-azWaste Generator Registration Certificate

E-ngineers Report

N-otarized Application


R-eceipt for Load Based Fee

E-ngineer Sign and Seal

A-ppointment of PCO

D-rawing of Treatment Facility

Y-our OPMS Account


Topic: Personal Interpretation of Permit Chronological Order:

In Terms of Prioritization
2. PCO Accreditation
3. Denr ID
4. Discharge Permit for WWTF, and
5. Permit to Operate for APSI/CF
In Terms of Expiration (from longer to shorter period of validity)
1. ECC/ CNC (no expiry) 
2. DENR ID (no expiry) 
3.PTO (up to 5yrs) 
4. PCO Accreditation (3yrs)
5. WDP (1 yr)
In Terms of Documentary Requirements to be submitted (from more to less number of attachments) 
1. ECC
2. CNC
3. WDP
5. PTO
6. PCO Accreditation

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