The POLLUTION CONTROL ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. Region IV-A Chapter, is an Association of Pollution Control Officers Organized in 1997 whose vision is “To create an atmosphere of Mutual Cooperation among the industries, the government, and the civil society to ensure compliance to environmental policies and regulations and enhance the capabilities of its members in maintaining balance between development and the environment.”

Serve as an effective link between government and the industry.
Create environmental awareness through training, conferences, seminars and workshops.
Provide necessary support in addressing issues and concerns related to compliance to environment regulations.
Our Services
The Association serves its members by promoting environmental responsibility through training modules for Pollution Control Officers (PCOs) and members from basic to advance trainings; developing technical expertise, management skills, familiarity with all sides of environmental issues and networking to other environmental expertise.
Complete Training
Complete training modules for Pollution Control Officers (PCO) and members from basic to advance training;
Environmental Management
Capability building particularly for multipartite monitoring teams and environmental guarantee fund committee members;
Sustained Communication
Sustained communication linkage through the association’s newsletter, regular officers’ meetings, quarterly seminar-workshops and annual conventions;
Assistance to the industry in the accreditation of PCOs, responding to environmental concerns of the industry particularly in the compliance to new and emerging government policies and regulations.
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