In the twenty-three years of being a highly commended training institution in the country, the key of the Pollution Control Association of the Philippines Inc. (PCAPI) Calabarzon to stay on top of its game is to make sure it consistently elevates the quality of the services it provides.

A perfect example of such improvement procedure was held on May 18, 2018 as PCAPI Calabarzon’s Technical Working Committee conducted a Module Development Plan (MDP) Review on the Basic Training Course for Pollution Control Officers (BT) Module.

BT is a well-known and the most attended training offered by PCAPI Calabarzon, which main goal is to capacitate the newly appointed Pollution Control Officers to perform their duties and responsibilities beyond compliance. The training basically reflects the institution’s motto: PCOs helping PCOs. The MDP Review and Redevelopment of BT sought to assess and improve the BT Training and its modules.

During the review, an upclose scrutiny and analysis of the evaluations from the past BT training programs submitted by the participating PCOs were done. The main purpose of evaluating a training program is to verify if it has achieved its objectives, or otherwise.

After the assessment, divisions of tasks and assignments on the BT Module Revision were distributed among the committee members.

The improved and revised BT module was completed and immediately implemented for the next training schedules.