Brefelin J. Robles

Company:  Avon Products Manufacturing Inc.
Sector Represented: Chemical / Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics, Petrochemicals / Vegetable Oil (oil mills, manufacture cooking oil)/Detergent/Wax

Gemaika C. Trasadas

1st Vice-President

Company:  NEP Logistics Inc.
Sector Represented: Warehousing and Logistics (including port operations, Transport)

Camilo A. Tolentino

2nd Vice-President

Company:  Industrial Specialties Co. Inc.
Sector Represented: Mining and Quarry, Cement / Ceramics / Tiles / Glass

Michelle T. Mateo


Company:  AMS ASIA, INC.
Sector Represented: Semi-Conductor & Electronics/Electrical (Batangas, Laguna, Quezon)

Zarah D. Marino

Assistant Secretary

Company:  Green Horizon Environmental Management Inc.
Sector Represented: Consultancy / Services (TSDs) /Laboratories (non-medical labs)

Rasmiah M. Malixi


Company:  Micah’s Eggs
Sector Represented: Livestock/Poultry/Feeds/Agriculture

Lowell D. Lee


Company: De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute
Sector Represented: Hospital and Healthcare institutions (including clinics, funeral parlors, columbaria, crematorium, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, lying-in)

Bernardita C. Ronquillo


Company:  Graceland Estates and Country Club
Sector Represented: Commercial (malls, restaurants, QSR, banks, offices, BPOs), IT Facilities and Services (telecom, cellsites, etc) Real estates (subdivisions, residential buildings or condominium,parks), / Recreational facilities (hotels, resorts)

Melchy C. Enriquez


Company:  Prime Meridian PowerGen Corporation
Sector Represented: Power Generation & Distribution (powerplants / grids, etc.) Petroleum/ Refineries

Gerald C. Manacop


Company: Toyota Motor Philippines School of Technology
Sector Represented: Education, NGOs, LGUs

Dennis P. Oxales


Company: Can Asia Inc
Sector Represented: Metal & Metal-based manufacturing/ Automotives / Ship Building / Construction & Infrastructure

Jun G. Blancio


Company: Wu Kong Singapore Pte., Ltd.
Sector Represented: Paper / Printing / Textile /Tannery / Rubber / Plastics / Wood

Richain M. Parra


Company: Purefoods Hormel
Sector Represented: Food & Beverages (manufacturing)


Eladio V. Ebreo

Florante A. Panganiban

Wilfredo A. Dumpit

Henry A. Malibiran