PCAPI R4A stays true in its mission to provide effective training programs that will capacitate and equip the Pollution Control Officers (PCOs). The regular services provided by the Association such as Basic Training and Refresher Course for PCOs, 8-hour Orientation Seminar for Managing Heads and In-House Training programs are continually being improved and tailor-fitted to the present needs and interests of the country’s environmental warriors.

In numbers, six (6) of the Basic Training and Refresher Course for PCOS had already been conducted from January to June, with 492 attendees comprising of designated and refresher PCOs. Correspondingly, five (5) of the 8-hr Orientation Seminar for the Managing Head was carried out with 560 Environment Managers trained and 22 In-House trainings with a total of 560 training graduates were accomplished to satisfy the training needs of McDonald’s, Makati Development Corporation, Universal Robina Corporation, and LGU partners from CENRO-San Pedro, Laguna and MENRO-Rosario, Batangas.

PCAPI 4A ensures that all services being provided to the PCO community upholds excellence, quality and substance. Every training and event is a seized opportunity to deliver the latest updates on environmental laws and requirements for compliance. PCAPI 4A training graduates are pointed to perform their duties and responsibilities beyond compliance and make a difference in their respective industries.

Group photos taken in the PCO training provided for the CENRO of San Pedro, Laguna (left) and MENRO of Rosario, Batangas (right). The Association takes the necessary steps to connect the Local Government Units (LGUs) to the mandated environmental compliance.

Aligned with the vision of DENR-EMB for the PCOs to be fully supported by their Managing Heads, an 8-hour Orientation Seminar is now regularly offered by the Association. In photo, Ms. Malixi was concluding the training with a challenge to the Environment Managers: What Now?

A participant in the Basic Training and Refresher Course for PCOs exposed her son to our “shared responsibility” in protecting our environment by joining an incorporated activity in the PCO training, a Lakeshore Clean-up.