You’re Invited

As we transition to post-pandemic protocols, we, at Pollution Control Association of the Philippines (PCAPI) Region 4A Chapter, are proud to offer once again our face to face/ in-person Conference for our 6th Biennial PCO Summit on 14 October 2022 at the Marriott Hotel Manila in Pasay City.


Amidst the multitude of challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, many processes of businesses and industries had to be adjusted and adapted to ensure continuous fulfillment of their regulatory obligations, especially on the aspects of environmental protection. This year, the PCO Summit will revolve around the theme“Environmental Compliance in the New Normal.

It hopes to (1) focus on compliance requirements and updates that emerged during the pandemic era;
(2) give concrete feedbacks to concerned regulators regarding issues and/or challenges that arise from new normal procedures; and
(3) hear from concerned agencies their specific action/policy responses on the issues being discussed.

As in the past summits, this year’s event shall gather the views and voices of our co-PCOs and thereafter, constitute a Position Paper to be prepared by PCAPI 4A for submission to concerned agency after the Summit.


 To get up-to-date policy and regulatory implementations in the New Normal, including but not limited to the requirements and processes on online permitting and reporting of the DENR and LLDA;

To solicit feedbacks from PCOs on challenges encountered in the new normal compliance requirements;

To collectively craft and deliver a position paper to represent common views on relevant policies affecting PCO practice and compliance to environmental laws by industries;

To meet industry partners offering pollution control products, equipment, technologies and services.